Distinguished Pistol - NRA Recruiter

Bowling Pin Matches

Come and enjoy an old-fashioned bowling pin match at its finest and feel the power of "pin destruction!"  Don't worry about a thing!  We'll handle everything from running the match to setting up the pins to cleaning up the debris!  All you have to do is show up, shoot, and have fun! 

Pin matches are $34 total ($10 range fee, $4 pin fee, and a $20 split pot with half going to the ranch and the rest going to the two top shooters).  Matches are head-to-head, where shooters compete side-by-side during a double elimination match.  The winner of the winners shoots against the winner of the losers. 

Pin matches are typically held once a month on a Saturday, please check our calendar for the actual dates.  DP Members get a free hour on the range with every pin match they shoot.

Rapid Acquisition and Transition Matches (Pins & Steel)

Come and learn all about instinctive shooting ... a much different style of shooting than your traditional aiming at bullseye targets.  Our Sandbox sessions will help you draw safely from your carry concealed position.  Our TAC-PIT sessions will help you master rapid target acquisition and transitioning between targets.  More importantly, the TAC-PIT is a place where you can experience advanced citizen defensive and tactical situations, move about from barricade to barricade, and even practice shooting while on the move. 

Our private TAC-PIT sand Sandbox sessions are $30 per hour, per person. 

Remember:  It takes at least three separate hours of repetition before your body begins to learn a reflexive response through muscle memory encoding.  Without repetitive training and practice, your defensive response to an attack will most likely not meet your desired expectation.  However, once learned and mastered, muscle memory can be retained for years to come.

TAC-PIT and Sandbox sessions are typically held by appointment.

TAC-PIT and Sandbox Sessions